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Eastside Classic

The 9th annual "Eastside Classic" happened over the weekend showcasing some amazing talents through an array of mediums including motorcycles, scooters, art on helmets, music and more.  The show is very interesting and caters to and audience of many interests and a favorite event for us to attend.   Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and of course the great people who keep this event going, we will be there next year!


Photos by Matt Hildebrand

An Iconic R90S

The iconic R90S  was the first production superbike ever produced by a manufacturer built with the idea of taking the bike straight from the lot to the track in hopes of creating a more edgier BMW Motorcycle brand image in the early 70's.  In 1976, US importer Butler & Smith helped clinch the success of the transformation when they won the first US AMA Superbike Championship with this bike under rider Reg Pridmore.

Bridging a Gap Refurbish

This refurbish was one of significance in many ways; one being the bike was going to represent us in our first appearence at the Handbuilt Show for last years show in 2017 and another being we were able to take this hacked up 1974 BMW R90/6 900cc motorcycle and showcase our creativity for such a thorough build like this.

R90 MX Gallery

Here's some eyecandy from our last years build we did for the Handbuilt Show.  Look for a thourough post about this bike soon and looking forward to seeing everyone at this years show.

BMW Airhead Upgrade

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Dyna III, Electronic ignition timing

A nice upgrade for an Airhead. The Dyna III electronic ignition timing system is a "set and forget" alternative to worn out mechanical breakers. $225 plus install or plus shipping.

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